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Escape City

min 12, max 125 persons
from € 35,75 p.p.

How does it work? 

Escape city is comparable with an Escape room, only your playfield the entire citycenter of Nijmegen. You’ll be playing in teams and will get 3hours to save the city from being destroyed. Everywhere in the citycenter there are riddles to be solved and assignments to be performed. With a map and an Escape-app on a phone (we provide a smartphone), you can find the locations where to perform your assignments. You will also receive a suitcase with useful materials and tools. Only when the assignments are correctly preformed you will collect codes. In the App you can see the positions between the teams. To keep it exciting, the screen will turn black 30 min before the game ends. Clock is ticking… be back in time with the entire team to play the final game. The is a struggle for the redeeming final code, and only this code can save the city.


  • An exciting gity game, where the entire city center is your playing field.
  • From 10 up to 100 people
  • Get to know the city in an unique way
  • Approx.. 3hrs
  • Included; guidance, tools, use of 1 smartphone a team, prize for the winning team.