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Nijmegen - The Graveyard

min 2, max 8 persons
from € 17,- p.p.

How does it work?

You walk across the cemetery and sees a spooky rickety house. There lives a man, who deals with mysterious and remarkably strange things. He collects things from dead people and keeps their spirits alive. Your assignment, free one of these spirits. This will not be easy without a struggle. Cryptical riddles, symbolic assignments and numeric tests will be nerve racking. Play well together, think outside the box and give all you can, to fulfill this remarkable task. Can you..?


  • With maximum 8 people you try to free one of the spirits
  • 15 minutes introduction, and 60 minutes to fulfill your task
  • Minimum age 16 years for this escape room The Graveyard
  • Also available in English, tell us in advance