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Nijmegen - Disco Inferno

min 2, max 6 persons
from € 22,- p.p.

How does it work? 

Dancing and puzzling are well together is this brightly colored room. Cryptic riddles, number combinations and strange symbols make you think. How many puzzles you solved is all tracked by special software. The less hints you need, the more money you will have. The top score of the month, or all-time, can be reached by be the first to deliver an LP to Radio ’70 FM. Is it possible to stay focused or do you all swing along with the music? Keep an eye to the clock, because there is only 60 minutes to solve all riddles.


  • You battle in max 4 teams, each 3 to 6 people
  • In the end you all discuss the same puzzles, so good fun afterall
  • Unique self-made software
  • The only room where you also need tactics, so not just an average Escape room
  • Also available in English, please tell us in advance
  • 15 min explanation, than you have 60 minutes trying to escape first, with as much money as possible